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return of the king!

Hey there loyal subjects of Avalea! So, I guess you have probably noticed that it has been a while since I’ve posted any new pages here. Most of you have also probably noticed that ‘King Pobra’ has recently made the pilgrimage over to the always amazing “Inveterate Media Junkies” website. A site I’m sure many of you are more than familiar with.
In doing so, it has taken about a month for the strip to get caught up to it’s current installment. But I’m very pleased to announce that ALL NEW episodes will be premiering over at IMJ starting Sunday, February 27, 2011!!!
So, be sure to stop over at IMJ every Sunday for brand new, super-awesome episodes of the WORLDS GREATEST WEB COMIC EVER!!! King Pobra!!!

disclaimer: there will be a two week waiting period between the premier of new episodes of King Pobra on IMJ and this home page. So head there first!
Overt hyperbole courtesy of Robert Metcalfe, owner and creator of King Pobra.
King Pobra may not in fact be the greatest web comic ever, but it’s still pretty good. I guess.


Deemar, you have outdone yourself!

I’m going to let this one speak for itself… all I have to say is, thank you Deemar and holy fuck that’s awesome!

I should rename the comic 'King Deemar'


king’s crossing

Alright, so it’s time once again to follow the majestic one on his journey to… somewhere.
So, this is a pretty short segment this time around, but I wanted to get something out there, before you all completely lose interest and cease to care about our dear king (how dare you).
In this installment, we find our hero at a crossroads of sorts, more of a cross-river, or cross-stream really, but everyone knows that you should never cross streams, so how about we just get on with it already?


(bonus points if you get the ‘Rivers Cuomo’ joke)


kp page 10

page 10


kp pages 11 & 12

page 12

page 11


a new name and a new banner!

Look at that banner! Just look at it, drink it in…
Well, King Nothing has officially been renamed ‘King Pobra’. Which only makes sense, being that it’s the name of the site and the main character of the story.
Many, many thanks to my fellow artist and all round class-act Deemar of Do it! Do it! fame for creating such a kick-ass, awesome banner for me. It’s got me wanting to draw some new pages right now! So, hopefully in a couple days you guys will have another chunk of KING POBRA ready for your consumption.


Searching for inspirado…

Inspiration… it can be a hard thing to come by sometimes.
It is now winter, the time of year when work slows down for me, leaving me a great amount of free time to pursue new creative endeavors. Which so far, have manifested in the form of this very web comic.
And as much fun as I have had creating it so far, sometimes I find it hard to pick up that pencil and start drawing. Today is one of those times. Maybe I just don’t feel like drawing, maybe I’m afraid to start a new page, or maybe I’m just lacking in inspiration…
So what does one do in this situation? If I were Grant Morrison, perhaps I would try going on some sort of vision quest with a head full of LSD, or visit sacred peyote grounds and write about my experiences. But, clearly I am not Grant Morrison. So what do I turn to?

Coffee. That’s right, coffee.

Nothing gets my brain percolating like good old fashioned caffeine. Lately I’ve been drinking between 2 and 5 cups a day. So, basically what I’m saying is, inspiration can only be artificially achieved through some form of substance abuse. That’s about it. That’s the moral of this story kids. So, I guess it’s time for another cup o’ the good stuff!

my new hero

Pobra (Rob) (Me)

the king’s calendar

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