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Batman is real and he lives in the suburbs…

So, I was visiting my Mom earlier this week and while I was driving her to the grocery store, she says, “You might want to take a quick drive down this street, there is something you might want to see.” So I pull around the corner and this is what I see:

"It's the freakin' Batmobile!"

“Holy shit, it’s the Batmobile!” In all it’s Tim Burton-esque, glory.
So, we get out to take a closer look and my mom goes up to the door of the house (apparently my Mom KNOWS Batman) and out walks this dude who looks a HELL of a lot like Michael Keaton and he proceeds to tell me all about his awesome car and even shows me a few of his Batman related tattoos.
Turns out Batman is a really nice guy.

The definition of "Bad-ass ride"

He even tells me how he made some of the crazy gadgets and gizmos you see on the car. I don’t want to give away any of his secrets, but the man is a genius. If you knew what some of those super impressive looking doodads were made of, you’d say the same thing.
And this isn’t his first Batmobile, oh no, Turns out he had ANOTHER Batmobile that was built from a Porsche frame that he has sold already. Dude had TWO Batmobiles! But this one has nitrous tanks and shoots 15 foot flames out the back… NO SHIT.

Bruce would be proud

Now, I can’t say for sure weather or not this is the “real” Batman we’re talking about here, or even the real Batmobile. Perhaps this fellow is just a member of “Batman Inc.” He’s the friendly, talkitive, beer-drinking, barbequeing, Batman of the suburbs, who patrols South-Western Ontario. Who knows. In any case, his car kicks freakin’ ass! Just DON”T TOUCH IT!!!

Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to get back to drawing… 🙂

"Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, BATMAN!"


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